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Jenya Otradnaya, the finalist of the TV-music project “The Secret of success”: “My talisman is my father’s bullet and it’s always with me.”

Jury Nikolaev created my pseudonym.
For the first time in her life Jenya took a microphone in hands in the kindergarden. The girl declared, she wants to speak very much. Parents can not resist the child’s wish because they like sing with guitar by themselves.

-“Jenya always aimed to be on the scene and she did everything by herself, almost every day run to the repetitions” – said Evgenya’ mother Tatyana Otradnyh. “I vote, I was sure, I knew my daughter would have big success.” And it is not only my mind. Often after concerts familiar people came up to us and said that Jenya has an excellent voice. After a few years, with Jury Nikolaev’s help, who was the leader of “Morning star”, a young singer got an creative (art) pseudonym. When he noticed the participants, he said accidentally, instead of Otradnyh, Otradnaya. Jenya liked a new ‘surname”. So it sticked. After the “Morning star” the girl began to rehearse with more perseverance and she contrived to study on “four” and “five”.
Jenya’s husband is a sound-editor, they met with the help of music. In Taganrog the beginning singer sang in restaurants and in city’s contests. And when it was known, that the selection to the project “the Secret of success” on TV channel “Russia” began, the girl went to Samara without hesitating. And she returned inspired, because she was invited to the next round. But waiting was long. During a week the girl went from corner to corner and asked mentally: “Call or not call?”. Tension increased, but suddenly there was a call. “Come to Moskow.” Then there were crazy days! All familiar grieved for Jenya, people called, who Tatyana hadn’t heard or seen for nets years! Then the woman went to the observations of the next round. She was so excited that she couldn’t but cry until daughter had acted. Jenya hold hardly also, only preparations for the broadcast and concert lasted for eight-ten hours. Then Tatyana returned to Taganrog and waited for the final round.
-I was at home when I got SMS from daughter: “Sapovsky won. Hurray!” And I was not even disappointed. Jenya is an attagirl!

“I miss Taganrog.”
We called to girl in Moscow.
It is a pity, probably, to lose?
Yes, I wanted to be the first very much, but the second place is not so little too. When I decided to take part in this show, I hoped to get for semi-final only. Moscow, many TV surveys, meetings with interesting people were max of dreams. Thank you very much to everybody, who lived through me.
Had you any talisman?
Of course! My talisman is a bullet on a chain, my father’s present, who fought in Afganistan. He presented it to me in my childhood and at first I put it on, when I took part in “The morning star.” Since that moment I began to send the bullet everywhere. And in the final of “The secret of success” my father’s present was on me, but hided under the dress.
It is known, the winner of TV show Vladimir Sapovsky had sighed a contract with a sound-recording company and what did you get?
For the second place there was no prize. In spite of this, I was very glad: I was noticed, I have some definite offers. I don’t want to speak about plans – I am afraid to hoodoo, but I promise to tell you necessarily then.
Your mother and brother are in Taganrog, you are in the capital. Do you miss the house?
Yes, surely, though not long ago I was in Taganrog, for the New Year. But I hope very much I will take my owns in Moscow.

Remarks in the theme.
“Jenya is a singer from God!”
Galina Nikolaenko, a creative ‘godmother” of Evgenya Otradnaya.
I am a stage director and often put concerts. A few years ago I heard Evgenya’s voice for the first time. The voice is simply unusual. Jenya is a singer from God! We immediately began to invite her to all concerts and she always had success. You know, after one of the concerts, a very famous man in the town offered her to help in looking for a good producer. Other artists dream only about it, but jenya ashamed to recall. She is a very kind and shy person in life, and always transforms on the scene. When I knew, that Jenya dreams to take part in “The Secret of success”, of course, I supported her. These projects are chancec for the young talent. And Jenya took advantage of it.

Our information.
Project “The Secret of success”.
At first in Russian history, the participants of TV music projects were divided into three categories: from 16 to 25, from 25 to elder and music bands. In the jury of the festival were singer Valery Meladze, music-producer Katherina fon Gechmen-Valdek and a famous stage director Alexander Revzin. Everyone from the jury was a tutor of the contestant from one category and implemented the selection of the repertoire, design stage image of participants and prepared their acts.

Irina lenevskaya

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