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Jenya Otradnaya rejected restaurants

There is a week already, how singer Jenya Otradnaya has been sitting at home: no concerts and girl has to do anything.

-“I have begun to play the guitar, but because of not having enough time, it isn’t possible to master it,” confesses Jenya to “JG”. But now is a crisis, I have only several concerts and more free time”. When sharply I had little offers of job, I fall into despondency, saying honestly. But now this period passed, I try to derive from each free day. Play the guitar, read books and study to prepare new dishes. On the last days my relatives came to me and we arranged dinner at home, without going to the restaurant the most delicious Italian pasta. My best reservation in the restaurant are: pasta, soup-puree, and any exotic hotchpotch.

I saved money and bought mixer, now I study to prepare all this by myself. It’s pleasant, that Moscow shops have a great deal of different exotic produts”.


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