Jenya Otradnaya was born in Krasnoturyinsk town, Sverdlovsk region, on March, 13, 1986.
Since childhood she had a great desire to appear and sing on the stage. And her wish realized.
In 1993, when Jenya was 8 years old, she began to participate in show-group “Pharaohs” led by Aleksey Andriyanov.
Her talent was so evident and her success came quick. Jenya won in famous All-Russian musical children contests “On the ball of Cinderella”, “Golden cockerel”, “Morning star” in 1994 and 1995. It should be mentioned that her performance on international children contest “Golden coin” in 1995 in Italy was awarded by “Grand-prize”. Italians were charmed by her singing and forecasted a great success.
Jenya Otradnaya was a soloist in show-group “Pharaohs” during 10 years. The group was famous and popular in Krasnoturyinsk and in Sverdlovsk region. It participated in all town concerts. Performances in contests and concerts helped Jenya to grow in professional experience and masterly performance. She understood that she was ready to win the bigger audience.
In 2003 Evgeniya moved to Taganrog city together with her parents.
Next step to fame was a TV contest “Secret of success” in 2005. Without any hesitation she went to casting in Samara and she was easily admitted to the contest. She was very confident on the stage in every round while coming closer to the finale. And that moment came. At the final concert of “Secret of success” Jenya competed with Vladimir Sapovsky and she took second place.
No doubt, today she is very popular. I am sure, her next victory, say, on Eurovision contest is coming.

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