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Jenya Otradnaya: “We will have three children exactly, but maybe more …”

The singer Jenya Otradnaya was our guest only a year and a half ago and she was as fiancée. And today she is in absolutely new quality. Jenya is a happy wife and mother. And though she is Otradnaya yet, she plans to change her surname.

-I know you have found your fate in Uvanovo in that day, when you gave me an interview. How had it happened?

-We both were looking for each other and we had found, glory to God! We met at the film festival “Mirror”, where produced together the picture of Sergey Soloviev “Classmates”. I played there an episodic role of Jenya Otradnaya and my future husband Evgeny Goryainov was the main soundman of this film. We married after three month of meeting and now bring up the daughter!

-What was the wedding?

-As I already said you in interview, we had a wedding in the family and friends circle. It was a weekday, we all together went to the registry office (at 9 a.m.), then drank tea in the nearest comfortable café, took photographs, communicated and then set down at the festive table at home, we were congratulated by our relatives, gave presents, we sang songs with the guitar together. Mother began ro sing us Oqujava for three times, but tears prevented (smiles). Everything was so good and sincerely! We didn’t want to have an official setting and many people in such an important day for us. And everybody was notified beforehand, that we know to kiss, that’s why no “now a kiss!” and other tradition elements.

-And did you celebrate this event, news about future addition in your family?

-We knew about it the day before wedding and decided to say it to our parents the next day after wedding, when all family gather for tea and my mother hasn’t leave yet (she lives in Volgodonsk). Of course, everybody was very glad! But nobody else knew about it and especially mass-media. We think, we must the guard child from external eyes and thoughts before it was not born and didn’t become stronger. It is terrible for me to see on the covers of the magazines, where famous women show their roundness stomach. Only one photo session Lera Masskva made for us “with stomach”, but onle family archives (smiles).

-Till what moment did you work before taking care of you own and your future child?

-I had two performances and then work and then work in studio only: recording songs and voicing of films.

-Was it important for you who will born first: boy or girl?

-At first, we decided, that a boy will be born … US showed a girl, but we were not upset. When God trusts you such a gift, there isn’t any difference: a boy or a girl? Jenya and I decided at once: we will have many children!

-Did you find the name for daughter quickly?

-Antonina as the first name, pronounced between us. It was Jenya’s grandmother’s name, she reared him, as he says. Therefore I couldn’t but to name the daughter in her honor. Buy the way, Shevcuk, whom we like very much, has the song “Antonina”. But we looked through other names too.

-How did you prepare for borning of your firstborn: went on courses, read books, spoke with “elder friends”, etc.?

-Yes, we began to communicate with friends, who have children; they advised literature and “sent” us on courses. I think, people must go on courses: it is not only very interesting, but important to know, what for you should be prepared, not to panic in this responsible moment and to remain power. But not looking at being prepared, I was shocked by all those events (smiles). But for such a happiness as born of your own child, you can stand some hours!

-Which were your emotions in the first days of maternity and paternity?

-You must feel it! Father was admitted to us immediately after born, so the daughter we met together, said her what an attagirl she is. Then we studied her for many hours, sniffed and embraced her, it was so interesting! Finally, everything in your head and life change, come harmony and pacification, of course.

-What was easier for you, than you had supposed? And what was more difficult?

-We thought, we have to spend much money for child, but it wasn’t so! We bought no things before our child was born, who have grew-up children, brought everything and parents: perambulators, auto chairs, diapers, clothes, toy-rattles. But my back ache still nowadays, I have to bring more than ten kilograms (daughter weighs so much already).

-People often tell anecdotes, when fathers, being excited, do anything not rightly. Had you anything of it?

-Yes, when I was in a maternity hospital. Jenya transported things from our flat to parents (we decided to live with them in this period) and I can’t find part of tableware or any heater till nowadays and Jenya says: “Don’t ask me, me daughter was born then!”

-Did you christen your child?

-Yes, Jenya’s mother and my younger brother christened Tonya at the age of 7 month in the Chuurch of Ioann Bogoslov in Sofrino. For us this church is vey significant, because we were married there. We wanted that very parson christened Antonina. It is a tradition!

-Are you calm parents or very “worry”?

-Are you calm because we decided, that not we will live for children, but children are for us! It is a right formula. We travel much since the first month of Antonina’s life, everywhere bring her with us. It’s always good for child there, where his mother and father are. Particularly, if he is on breast feeding.

-Who can you trust to help in looking for a small child?

-Antonina is 10 month and only recently we began to leave her with grandmother and grandfather sometimes.

-They say, that even by babies can demonstrate their future talents. Did you notice in Antonina any musical or another propensities?

-Of course! Tonya plays on keys excellently (composer), as solo and in duet with father (laughs).

-Have you days or evenings without child? Do you need it?

-No, we feel lonely without Tonya. We can go to premiere of the film (Jenya works in cinema), but no more than 5-6 hours. I am worry, want to embrace her quickly. And we go together to shops, café and we visit anyone together too.

-How many children do you plan to have in your family?

-Three exactly and then be more. The children grow so quickly! (smiles)

Tatyana Heifec

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