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Jenya Otradnaya: “I am very jealous”.

Skhoolgirls’ favourite Jenya Otradnaya fully explains her surname. Her songs are full of optimism and her charming smile never comes off her face. Jenya confessed “JG” what for she can jump in fountain and what men she likes.

My parents didn’t that I left house.
-Jenya, your history is seemed to be one more variation of the fairy-tale about Cinderella. You panned out from a small Ural’s town – Krasnoturinsk, and on big scene.
-I was lucky, that God had directed me rightly in childhood, and I went to my aim without mistakes. Since early age I sang in the band “Pharaons”, we rode all the country. Then I taught there. And the turning point was, of course, the contest “The Secret of success”. Of course, to get out of a provincial town is very hard, because people just haven’t money for a ticket. Salaries can’t be compared with the capital ones. I have passed selection lap in Samara. And when I passed it, I left job and went to Moscow. I was very afraid! I thought where I come, where I stop. Thanks to the contest organizers, they did so, that the participants didn’t think about everyday problems.
-Did your parents let you go easy?
-In general, they didn’t notice, that I left their (laugh). Since childhood, I didn’t appear at home for a long time, went for tours. The first time father was puzzled, buut then he got accustomed. Saying truly, I have a dream to have a big house on the edge Moscow, there will live all my family: mother, father, brother and sister.
-Do you save part fees for house?
-(Laugh) Not yet. I don’t loop on it. Produsers rent a flat for me, at this moment I feel myself comfortable here. And money I spend for books, telephone, sand away for mother, and there is no money left for me (laugh). I don’t like different top clothes, so I buy it very seldom.

My friends call my boyfriend risky
-I remember, there was a moment, then you disrupted the shooting of Sergey Zverev’s project, because you were detected to be “unformatted” …
-I knew from friends only about it. Indeed it wasn’t so. I came to the program, and the head director didn’t like my suit. So, I didn’t look as the leaders of the project. Maybe, comparing with Zverev’s glamour I was “rumpled” as he said, but I was dressed as usual: jeans and T-shirt. And the head director said very improperty, that I was enraged, and I went away. Then I called to the administration and apologized. By the way, I have good relations with Sergey and I doubt he could say badly about me. In general, I prefer not to react on boorishness and insults, bot to ignore them.
-Girls cry aout unhappy love with your songs. Do you know this feel?
-Of course, I am very emotional in general. The condition of love doesn’t leave me. Everyday I fall in love! And I am always opened for feels. I concede, that a young man will come to my concert, will present me flowers and melt my heart. But today I haven’t permanent relations.
-Then tell, what type of men draws you?
-As Hugh Jackman (laugh). I like Spanish men with little aquiline nose. Moreover, in my childhood I was like Spanish. The age of young man is not important for me, but it happens, that I communicate with the men older that me. Also I don’t like these senseless risks, jump out into the window, make inscription across all the asphalt, plunge in ice-cold river. More likely, I like an active person, such as propagandist for the right business, who attracts people. The man, who brings good and people want to correspond him. I can’t separate inside energy profile from outside constituent. Anytime my female friends show me a boy: “Look, that’s a pretty boy.” But I don’t understand. “To my mind,” – I say, – “he is a sickener”. Any time I said my female friend, what I like. She said he is risky (laugh).
-Can you be easy deceived?
-Usually I trust everybody. I can be played easily. Sometimes I can think: the things they say are not the truth. But if a person cheats me one day, I will never believe this man.
To jump into fountain is easy
-I notice you laugh easy. And do you have this gift?
-It is an incredible pleasure to provoke a glad smile. To cheer up anybody, I can jump into the fountain or to climb over the fence. During the concerts I often make whoopee, jump, compel people to sing. Look, these drawings were present me by four-year girl. Such presents are the best. I throw out nothing and some things bring with me as talisman.
-Do you resent on comparison with Maxim?
-Totally not. I also gave you as an example the actor, connected with the type of men I like. Though, more often I am compared with Angelina Jolie. In last video “Go away and close the door” people created such image.
-“Go away”, did you have this situation in your life?
-Many people don’t understand this song rightly. Everything was finished well during the plot. I would prefer not to show my jealousy, as my heroine. Though, I am jealous.
-This year in national lap to Eurovision you took the third place, and conceded Bilan and Panayotov. Will you try your again?
-Surely. Firstly, I was very pity, that I didn’t pass. Because when you prepare so hard for the contest, of course, you wait positive result only. We prepared for some months, even the video was made in Chernogoriya, a place near Serbia. And here a … But Dima needed this victory more, he aimed it very much. And I will have chance yet.


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