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Jenya Otradnaya: “The day of young people is our holiday!”

Today is The Day of young people, a holiday of most people in Belgorod. In connection with this event, Evgenya Otradnaya came to Belgorod, who is known to the audience of the “Russian radio” by many hits.

She came as a guest to the workers of the “Russian radio” to answer many questions to the leader Alexander Jukov and audience. Jenya came in studio with the sound composition “Summer” in execution of “Arrant swindlers”. And immediately she confessed that summer is the best time of the year for her, but, in spite of the heat, she asked to turn off air-conditioner not to let the main “richness” of singer, voice ligaments, catch a cold. Jenya is a supporter to perform songs only, how it can be called, alive.
Leader of the “Russian radio” Alexander Jukov immediately surprised Jenya by the news that her song “Single heart” got to the hit-parade “The Gold Gramophone”. The singer didn’t know about it and became very glad. Drinking a cup of water, Jenya refused of tea, she confessed that just to get into the hit-parade of the “Russian radio” already is a big success. “Single heart” differs from the song “Go away”, which got “The Gold Gramophone” last year. “If “Go away” is a hymn of a strong girl, “Single heart” is a slogan. The slogan to find your second half, notices Jenya. By the way, the song “Single heart”, which people of Belgorod liked already, will enter in the second album, which singer plans ro come out the next spring. The main dream of the singer is to come out an album with good remakes, she has already cooperated for a long time with famous disc-jockeys, who give a new life to old and new hits, and it’s a duet-project Vengerov & Fedoroff.
In last year Kenya recorded a new song “What for is love?” for the contest “Eurovsion 2008”, but, unfortunately, the singer couldn’t get into the final. This song was recorded in three languages: Russian, English and Spanish. Outside the studio, Otradnaya confessed to Alexander Jukov that she liked this song in Spanish mostly, because it is more melodic, though arrangement for different versions of this song was the same. Next year the girl also plans to take part in the eliminatory tour of the contest “Eurovision”. Contests are not just an opportunity to show your beauty, but to meet with good people. Contests are also an incitement forward, an opportunity to perfect yourself”, noticed singer.
Jenya confessed that she likes to listen to the radio and to sing along famous artists, among them are Sofia Rotaru, bands “Guests from the future” and “Hi-Fi”. Otradnaya wants to meet vocalists of popular vestern bands “Coldplay” and “Aerosmith” and among the real achievable objectives of her regard a perspective to sing in duet with Valery Meladze. And, maybe, Jury Shevchyk, a dream of her childhood, will offer to sing together one time.
Belgorod conquered Otradnaya’s heart since the first time. Last year she came to the City’s Day. This time, as the singer confessed, she hopes to come to the City’s Day again.
And today Jenya will rejoice people Belgorod by her songs in the Cathedral square, the concert begins at 21 hour.

Olesya Massalskaya

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