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Jenya Otradnaya: “I will marry secretly”

Jenya Otradnaya is a very sincere, positive and open -hearted on stage as well as extremely attractive in everyday life. It occurs to me that the secret of her absolute charm is hidden in the surname of this singer, which is not easy to be confused with (Otrandaya means “delight”). She talks the same simply and openly about love, marriage and children as about near musical themes. If you add the status of unmarried young girl you will see an ideal heroine for our magazine “Wedding mood”.

- Jenya, can we consider songs that you sing about love are autobiographical?
- The songs are written not by me, but of course, I add to each composition something from myself. I live it through, suffer it and never pretend. Therefore, songs have something about me.
- Did you happen to suffer from bitter love?
- I am an optimistic person in my live. Of course, different sad stories were in my biography, but they didn’t reflect negatively on my perception of the world. Everything is for better. I am not sorry about anything!
- Does your creativity depend on the inside feelings?
– On the contrary, my inside feelings depend on my creative work. When recently we recorded my second album, I felt such strong enthusiasm! And when I appear on big celebrations, see many people, new cities, then, returning back, approximately two weeks more I simply fly because of energy! In general I am always opened to feelings. If everything is good at my work, I want to give it back to my audience.
- What is more characteristic for you quick and uncontrollable feelings or slow and careful relations?
- Love appears differently but I believe people who look for each other recognize each other immediately. It isn’t important at all quick or slow relations because everything depends on previous life experience. I think real love comes from friendship, first as respect and admiration by each other.
- What is the main thing about men you understood by this moment?
- I understood they are the same as we! We should treat them as ourselves. And more of that, it is important to forget about yourself in love.
- What can you do for love?
-The biggest deed in a woman’s life is to give a birth to a child. If she gives a birth from a beloved man, it confirms she made a right choice.
- Do you need anybody near you or you are rather self-sufficient?
- It is very important for me that somebody is near me. Until recent four years I had nobody with me. Now I understand that I need the presence of beloved man. Though I think, if you can’t meet him you shouldn’t hurry the events and look for him. It is better to live honestly, then happiness will come.
- Does it mean you have deserved your happiness?
- I hope. But it is not enough. Every day you need to behave so, that no one could take away this beautiful gift. One should follow the dictates of his heart.
- What will you not sacrifice even for love?
- I will not sacrifice the life itself. Life is given for love. In order to love you need to live.

- Some people think that show business is not for marriage…

- I don’t put myself in the frame of show business; I don’t play and don’t pretend. I don’t conceal that I am a woman and I want happiness too. Show business is a work and to sacrifice family happiness to work is at least stupid and even a crime to a certain extent.

- They say if to make a family then not with a showman. Do you agree with this opinion?

- I try to stay away from the show business, I devote myself to music. I am not interested in glamour parties; a person is much more important for me but not the sphere of his work. If it happens so that a man and a woman are involved in one sphere, say pedagogics, surgery or arts, it brings people together though the moment of competition appears.

- Is your beloved from musical sphere?

- I will say he’s from the sphere of arts. I like it because I don’t have to explain many things; we just breathe the same air.

- What do you think about flirtation?

- Negatively. It is just a game of passions that results in nothing. It is a shade that doesn’t make it is possible to be sincere, to communicate with people honestly. A flirtation man has a mask on and not about friendship and love. It is the work of the devil.

- Did you often visit weddings?

- I have been singing since 7 years! People celebrated weddings almost every weekend in the Palace of Culture where I sang. Besides, I worked in a restaurant, so visited a lot weddings…
As a guest I went to the wedding only once and it was an amusing story. It was my friend’s wedding last summer. I came beforehand (she lives in another town) and I learned that there wasn’t any program and the banquet was ordered for relations only. I was shocked: “What is it? Why did’t you say anything to me?” “I just didn’t think about it”, she answered. I decided to save the situation, because I understood, people, who hardly new each other would feel uncomfortable on such a wedding. As a result I took the microphone and worked as toastmaster all the time: said toasts, led contests, sang songs (I had disks with music). I think next wedding I visit will be my own!

- Do you have any specific plans about it?

- Every girl has such plans, probably. Even the girl who doesn’t confess to this, dreams about a white dress and a bunch of flowers that she would throw… Still, not all men dream about that, they don’t like ceremonials and don’t want to think how to make a proposal of marriage, how to present a ring, how to meet with parents, how to organize a wedding party etc. I think it is important, the deep meaning is hidden in traditional things. That way a man and a woman show they are ready to the marriage and are serious about it. It is also very important not only for a new family but for parents whom we shouldn’t forget about.

- Do you need their approval of your choice?

- Of course! This is theme of relations with parents. If my parents understand that I love a man, they will accept him even if they don’t know him personally. They trust me.

- As I understood you will have a magnificent traditional wedding?

- Not at all. I have many holidays and celebrations thanks to my profession. Still, the cherished implementation of my dream will be sacral, in my family’s circle. I will marry secretly, won’t make PR from wedding. Then we will visit our friends, relatives to share our joy. I believe the wedding is a home holiday in general; it is the birthday of a new family. What for is any effort, noise, publicity? However, the first anniversary of the wedding is possible to celebrate with a wide scope, inviting all people to a restaurant, organizing a concert, getting presents, walking all the night…

- People usually think beforehand about what kind of parents they will be. What kind of mother will you become?

- I will be a very good mother; I’ll do everything for that! People who think about themselves that they will be bad parents are just afraid; they aren’t ready for a birth of a child. I think that I’m ready!

Tatyana Heyfetz, the magazine “Wedding mood” № 7 (autumn – winter 2010).

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