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NEW happiness: Jenya Otradnaya

Jenya Otradnaya arrived in Moscow from Taganrog without rich parents, without support of influential people, without “backs”, with one small bag and a huge desire to sing.

From the very first rounds of a casting, Jenya managed to attract the jury’s attention in the contest “The Secret of success” by her sincerity and originality. With each round Jenya revealed more and more outstanding, unexpected, from different sides, steadily received the appreciation of the jury and she was noted by organizers of the contest as the participant most considerably progressing day by day. As a result of the passed way, the second place in the National TV contest “The Secret of success”.

What does feel the girl who has reached the final, who, nevertheless, did not suffice literally some thousands votes to win the contest? Is she happy? What waits her in the future? About it and about new happiness, of course, in the interview, that Jenya Otradnaya gave to the Woman. ru magazine in an hour after the announcement of the winner of the contest.

- Zhenechka, from the bottom of our heart, congratulate you with a deserved “silver!”
-Thank you.

- For a month our magazine holds New Year’s Eve competition within which we ask stars questions of happiness. And we would like you, at a such happy moment for you, to share your thoughts with us.
- Surely!

- Tell, have you ever thought what “new” happiness everyone wishes to each other, “when the clocks strike twelve”? Can happiness be old or new?
- I’ve never thought about it, but I think, that happiness cannot be new. It can be as at first time acquired.

- And in general can we give any definition to happiness?
-Well, for me happiness is when my life full of sense. And still it is necessary to be always in peace and harmony with yourself. Then precisely you will be happy. This year for me it has become a great happiness to get an opportunity to be on the contest “The Secret of success”. I was infinitely glad to make the cut, – even in dreams I could never imagine it. And when I reached the final and took the second place in the contest (battling for superiority!), there was no limit to my happiness.

-Even when you stood on the stage and the host announced that you are the second and the winner is Vladimir Sapovsky? Or happiness changed into disappointment, offence?
-With all my heart, I supported Vladimir and wished him a victory. I am sure that for him it means more than for me. Of course, I wanted to please the team, that has been working with me during the contest, Katherina (Katherina fon Gechmen Valdek, “coach” for Jenya Otradnaya), Theona (Theona Contridze, teacher of vocalism), but I understand, that I got “silver” and it is already a big win.

-Do you already know what is to be done next?
-No, I don’t know and it is happiness!(laugh) I know only one: after that recognition that I got in this contest, after that many people believed in me, I can’t simply disappoint them. I am sure that my place is on the stage. And I will try, I will fight, I will write songs (at this time I have bad results, but I hope that inspiration will come to me), I will do creation.

- Would you like to continue your collaboration with Katherina?
-Greatly. Perhaps, it will turn out. At least now she helps me a lot in everything. She helps me to find my niche, and it is very difficult. Also to find my image, repertoire. After all, our musical market is so flooded, and I don’t want to be a next “singing doll”. I do not seek to reach Philippe Kirkorov’s heights. I will be happy if everything that I do, will be in harmony with my inner world.

- Here we returned again to theme of happiness. Answer then this question: what do you think, what person can be happy?
- The person who is not lonely.

- And are there any external signs on which it is easy to distinguish the happy person?
- Yes! Many people are simply shone from within. Though, it is not always a sign of happiness. Most likely, it is a sign of power.

- Are you a happy person?
- I strive to it.

-Then what you will wish for yourself in New Year’s Eve to bring closer the happiness?
- Myself? I am not able to wish myself at all… I would like to reach something in the profession, because it is time for a jump, a rapid progress … Power. I always ask God for power.

- And what can you wish to our readers?
- To others you always wish that you want for yourself. That’s why I wish moral and physical power for new accomplishments. I wish optimism and hope. If you believe sincerely in what you do, all around will help you.

Anthonina Golubeva.

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