News > «I associate Azerbaijanian culture with such names as Muslim Magomaev and Polad Bul Bul Ogly», says the Russian singer Jenya Otradnaya

«I associate Azerbaijanian culture with such names as Muslim Magomaev and Polad Bul Bul Ogly», says the Russian singer Jenya Otradnaya

The participant of the contests “The Secret of success” and “Five stars” Jenya Otradnaya let some hit tracks during the last year: “I very to you”, ”Go away”, and “What for love is”. It occupies top places in “The Russian radio”, “Muz TV” and “Love radio”.

Jenya gave an exclusive interview to the “Trend Life” about her plans on the New Year, about her foolhardiness and men.

- Jenya, what part of your music progress played TV contest “The Secret of success”? Were you prevented from coming to the music world?

- “The Secret of success” was a turning point in my life, after this contest began my career as a singer. And I was not prevented at all. At least, I know nothing about it, and therefore I wish happiness to everybody (laughs).

- We heard your singing charmed Nikolay Baskov. Do you think about creative duo in future?

- Creative duo with Nikolay Baskov ailready was in observation in TV project “Best songs”, where we sang the song “Go away”, where he played a role of the boyfriend, who should go away and close the door (laughs). And I went to the opposite side. And Will I sing with him in future? If he offers such an idea, I will. He was among guests on the presentation of me album “Let us run” and present me very big bunch of roses, that throw down since balcony then. It was very romantic.

- Not long ago you got prize “The Gold gramophone”. What else music reward do you want to get?

- I want “Grammy”. But if I want to get it, I must win not only in “Russian radio”, and to rise on the first levels of foreign hit parades. Probably, I must create such a hit song like “Go away and close the door”, but in English or Spanish.

- I read in one interview, you like Spanish men. Do you like Spanish language owing to it?

- I like Italian and Russian men also. I have only one song in Spanish for the present. It is “Pourke Amour”, which was recorded in English and Russian. Spanish language and song was chosen specially for taking part in the contest “Eurovision”. In future I want to record few songs in Spanish and Italian. Because I have very fine recollections from Italia and Spain.

- Will you take part in Eurovision the next year? As this year you took part in the national selection to the Eurovision and got the third place, yielded Bilan and Panaiotov.

- I don’t know yet, time will show. I think I will find more interest projects, because preparation to this contest demands much power, time, placements. It is necessary to find a suitable song. But now I haven’ it.

I may also say, that Eurovision is a good training. Contest let me much emotions and power in spite of draining, but simultaneously inspire to next work.

- Jenya, in “The top- class musical” you performed the role of Charley, who has any bitchiness. Do you have this trait of character?
- It was a role on resistance. I am not bitchiness absolutely. Though I campaigned children for round dance and active work in class. But in “The top-class musical” Charley is egoistical, wants to manipulate people. It was difficult to record film, to get in so unusual role, but gradually everything went very well. Apparently I accumulated certain experience yet.
Practically everybody, who took part in sounding this film: Sergey Lazarev, Ksucha Larina, me and Misha Veselov rehearsed this film with the microphone, because it needs to repeat mimicry, gestures, reflect all emotions with voice, and everybody played wonderful.
- You are a risky man, went to Taganrog with the lover. What other foolhardiness are you ready for the lover?
- All will depend on circumstances. In that moment I must go to Taganrog. Now I must not do rash actions. In principle every man, who likes and is liked, is ready for a great deal and ready to sacrifice by many things. The main is to do such an action deliberately, understanding, what for you do it.
- Have you force majeure moments along surveys of the videos, tours, rest? It was written not long ago you hurt knees along the recording of the video “Tram”…
- Generally, actions are very dangerous process, because in a short time you must prepare and present a qualitative product for admirers. Therefore I spare not only knees, but elbows, head and voice. I haven’t dancing footwear during the surveys of the clip “Tram”, but floor was very slipper. You understand I fallen scores of times, suffered even elbows. I constantly was misled in microphone and guitar wires, which were thrown about on the surveying ground. It is good, that I didn’t break anything like drums and keys, what often happens during the concerts.
And other force majeure moments… I like very much to be late on trains (laughs) and to spring in the coach, when it starts. I’ll tell you about one event. When we rode to Urmala this simmer I, as usual, was late to train, because it was a big traffic jam in Moscow. Finally, I ran to the platform at the moment, when the train moved away, I had to jump in any coach on the run. Therefore knees hurt not only on surveys… About rest, I prefer active rest. If I go somewhere, I must climb on a mountain, climb a tree, swim in a river, go for a drive on some quadrobikes, horses…
- New Year is coming. How are you going to spend future holidays? Usually in the New Year artists works, taking part in different show projects.
- I think in the New Year we will have contests. Surveys of the New Year’s projects are in a full swing. And for these holidays my family: my mother, brother and sisters, one of them is 5 years, come to me from Taganrog. And all New Year holidays we will be together. We plan to go to Moscow, go to any musicals and performances, sit in my favorite cafe, go to the cinema and simply sit at home.
- Jenya, do you prepare a concert in Baku? Share your knowledge of Azerbaijan culture, if you have any.
- I want to come to Baku very much, because I saw this shining city on TV. My friends, who were in your city, told me about your capital with pleasure and delight. If I ride to you on tour, I will stay there for two days surely, to go around the city and to visit attractions. And I know Azerbaijan culture for such names as Muslim Magomaev and Polad Bul Bul Ogly.

25.12. 2008

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