News > Jenya Otradnaya: “We worked with the dubbing of the “Top-class musical” in store”.

Jenya Otradnaya: “We worked with the dubbing of the “Top-class musical” in store”.

Jenya Otradnaya is a performer of the role Sharley (it is not a nickname, but it is a natural name of the character in “Top-class musical”), who in original life calls Ashley Tisdail. In this case, “role performer” is a backup of Tisdail’s voice in songs, which fill in music and dialogs.

In life Otradnaya is a smiling young woman, her appearance isn’t like Sharley’ is, who seems to be written from Paris Hilton, but, her voice grinding in different song contests, does the heroine more charming.
To watch “Top-class musical. Blowdown” in details, admirers of Otradnaya and many Russian stars (among them are Sergey Lazarev, Ksenya Larina and others – they dubbed the film), have to go to cinema. Because the third part of popular show comes out on big screens firstly, but earlier two first series could be seen only on TV.
To confirm the reputation of the “Top-class musical” as the best musical on the Earth, Jenya spoke with the correspondent of national News Agency.
- Will it be difficult for people to wath “Top-class musical/ Blowdown”, if they did not watch first two parts?
- I think, no. In my opinion, people will like this part. It isn’t anything like “Santa-Barbara”, where you have to penetrate in details of characters’ relations. It is simply a film, a whole story, which tells about children in 11th form. It is rather we have 11th form and they have a “high schools”. They have blowdown, they prepare to it during all the film. Here they have to prepare to this musical, as they have such a form-“aesthetic”. They are singing and dancing, as they put musical for blowdown. It’s their common business, besides studying and basketball. And here they have their backstage business ind intrigues, when my heroine Sharley begins to pull cover to herself. She think, she is the first-class singer, she wants to get the main role.
- Was it boring, for you to play one role three times in siccession? Had you interest to look at Ashley Tisdail, who plays Sharley?
- Concerning her actor’s play. I don’t know, but I want to say, that people, American actors play very well. They just grew on this film. We watched each part and took notice, how they had become more professional as actors.
And my heroine is a separate case, she is phenomenal. To dub the first part was very hard for me. Zctors call it as “role in resistance”, because I have not such a character as Sharley absolutely. She is the main bitch, but a leader undoubtedly. She achieve her results by anyway.
- Can you be such a girl as Sharley is?
- No, surely. But comforts, that Sharley becomes kinder in every series. She is spared by everyone and she understand her misfortune.
- Did you adopt part of her bichiness?
- (Laughs) It was very difficult for me to watch for the mimicry, expression in speech, when her phrase includes few different moods: she smiles, then laugh, then becomes angry, then growls, then weeps, then shuts, then looks how to bait her interlocutor. But gradually I could overcome myself, and the first film, I think, comes out.
The second film went calmer. There she was very bright. I think in the second film just my very heroine was the brightest among everybody. And in the third it was easy generally. I recorded dubbing-n one day. Saying honestly, we were recording since morning till evening. (I mean speech).
Speaking about vocal material, she has rich and different repertoire, diversify. Sharley is a heroine of character, not lyric, not romantic. She plays in all color of mood. It reflected in music material too, and I must work hard, learn notes at nights …
- Did you learn them? Or sang from paper?
- I learned, of course. Because when you write in studio, freedom of implementation depends on your knowledge of material.
- What’s the difference between American manners of implementation from Russian? Did you accommodate or add anything from our school?
- Everything depends on the voice: It mustn’t be Jenya Otradnaya’s voice of the girl Sharley, who wants to prove something by her song. Because of that, it was difficult to get in the character of this heroine, but I can say, that everybody of us have to play all this film, standing near the microphone.
- Are you pity, that you played all the film somewhere behind the wing, and there was another girl on the screen?
- Surely, not. It is such a genre. But now we have many press-conferences and today on a premiere. E had many interview, people came to us to studio, when we were working with film. “Disney Chanel rode, made everything. And we worked in store.
I want say one thing. Our Russian translation was appreciated as the best in the way of vocal. We had difficult choruses, we tried to record everything in the best quality, very detailed, observed each trifle. It as colossal experience. A an very glad, that everything happened like it is.
- What was the most difficult?
- The first series for me. And it is very pity, more exactly, that the first series were showed only on TV, but not on a big screen. I wanted it very much. But the first and the second film were showed this summer in tome of blowdownds. I hope, these films would be repeated one more time and then with the third part.
- Did you consent with everything in part of translation during the work?
- There were cases, then we offered to remake this or that things. But only after permittion of sound-editor. When he permitted to me, I paraphrased something to make it more organic, in Russian.

Moscow, 14 Nowember (Correspondent ANN Rodion Chemonim, Diana Rybakova).

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