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Evgenya Otradnaya from Taganrog got to Eurovision

20-years old finalist of “The Secret of success” is looking for the young talents.
Evganya Otradnaya became a music editor. Now she will select Russian participants for the junior “Eurovision”.
-“After the final of “The Secret of success” we gave several series of concerts in Russian cities”, tells Evgenya. “Including Rostov and Taganrog. Here we were met very warm. When I showed Taganrog to the participants of “The Secret of success”, I felt pride for my town. Everybody was delighted! And the girls of Taganrog didn’t burst into parts Vladimir Sapovsky, I was asked all the time about his marital status. Then we came back to Moscow. I was offered a new job, to become a music editor, as I have experience in communication with children, one time I even taught.

Evgenya Otradnaya confesses, that to select the best among the young singers is very hard. But she promises to be very objective. Life of Taganrog’s singer bubbles. Besides work in Eurovision she takes part in surveys of the last editions of “national artist-3”. She says, she is very worry for the participant Angelina Sergeeva, because she met and became her friend already for a long time.
-“Gelya and I performed in “The Morning star”, in Andrey Bill’s concerts, says Evgenya. “She is a very good singer. That’s I am worry exactly for her. I liked “National artist-3”, though I remember “The Secret of success”. I think, we had more emotions and passion. On the other hand, maybe because I say “the kitchen” of the contest, but now I am looking simply as a spectator …
During the closest time the observations of Jenya’s clip on new song “Very, very” begin. Topic is kept in secret nowadays. It is known only, that Taganrog’s girl will act with famous person from the world of show-business.

From “KP” file
Evgenya Otradnaya
The first time Taganrog’s girl went out a stage at the age of six years as a soloist of the children band “Pharaons”. In its membership Jenya took part in festival ‘The Golden disk”, that was in Barnaul. A young singer won. It was her first success.
Then Jenya was invited to the surveys of TV program “make the circle broader”, sang a song in a popular program “The morning star”. And a real fame to Otradnaya brought a project of the channel “Russia” “The Secret of Success”, here she got the second place.

Irina Poterya

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