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Jenya Otradnaya sings with Vitas and gets presents in shops

To sign with Vitas is a pleasure for me

- Jenya, congratulations on the coming birthday! How will you celebrate it?
- At home with my family and close friends. Quietly and relaxed. I hope my mom will bake my favourite cake “Anthill”. You know, I haven’t celebrated my birthday inviting many guests for a long time. Usually, I work at rehearsals or tours. The most memorable fest I had, when I was 8 years old, if I don’t mistake. The biggest cake with candles was brought and all people told me to make a wish, and my mom gave a tip: “Think of taking part in Morning star contest. And my dream realized: that year I took part in this television contest for the first time.

- Recently the audience could see your performance with the winner of Secret of success Vladimir Sapovsky. I wonder, what is the difference between TV shooting and final product?
- It is known that all TV-projects are shot not so as seen on TV then. Everything passes very quickly, it is difficult to predict what the audience will see in result. Young artists are shot since the first take almost every time. We, young artists, hardly have a chance to retake that’s why we should work a hundred percent. I will not be waited for by such respected persons as Iosif Kobzon…
In spite of tension, I liked very much to participate in filming TV show “Saturday evening”. There I could get acquainted with interesting persons, communicate with famous actors. By the way, Vitas is a very democratic and communicative person…
- Speaking about Vitas. How did it happen that you sang in duet?
- In the finale of “Secret of success” each participant was to sing with a popular performer. We sang “Icy ceiling, door is squeaking”. Our duet turned out to be such ardent, that we started to be invited to other shows, for example: Leon Izmailov.
- Can you confess that Vitas is absolutely different in everyday life?
- Oh, I wouldn’t say so because I didn’t see him different. He is always the same even behind the scenes… somewhat mysterious. As it is said: not from this world. But sing with him is just a pleasure.

I dream to become a multi-faceted singer

- You’ve managed to communicate with a variety of our stars while filming in popular programs. What do they advise to a beginning singer Jenya Otradnaya?
- They all say almost the same: if you want to become a star not for one day or month, you should be ready for hard work. And yet, I confess, it was fine to hear from Vladimir Vinokur, that I express sincere feelings in my songs. It is of great value for me.
- “Secret of success” has already finished. Many young performers were forgotten after popular shows. What do you have in perspective?
- Now I collaborate with Moscow producers. Besides filming for “Saturday evening” on TV channel “Russia” I work in other projects too. But in general I have an everyday studio work.
- For the album?
- No, it is early to say about it. For the new song under working name “Very, very”.
- Now there is a contract and not always you will decide what songs sing on stage. How do you see yourself?
- (Pause) Good question. I want to perform a certain mixture of rock and folk, probably. In general I dream to become multi-faceted singer.
- You are only 20 years, however, you have a lot of volunteers for the autographs. How often do people recognize Jenya Otradnaya in the streets.
- Without a make-up almost never (laughs). I have already got accustomed when in Moscow people come and ask for an autograph, but in home town Taganrog I experience some awkwardness. When I returned home after the final “Secret of success”, I was met so pompously that I was taken aback. And few days later when my mother and I entered a shop of toys suddenly somebody said: Look, this is Otradnaya! We were surrounded by unknown people, who said that they were my fans, asked for my autograph and even presented an enormous soft toy-dog.

From first mouth
“Number 13 is the most fortunate for me”
Favourite dish: borch that mother and grandmother cook. It is adored in our family especially with some garlic.
Style of clothe: Probably military. Even to the casting of TV program “Secret of success” I went in a dirty-green colour bandana. That was a period when I was called so: “a girl in bandana”
Happy number: Many people ask, if I am sorry that I was born on the13th? On the contrary, this number is the most fortunate for me.
Hobby: I collect glass balls with snowflakes inside. I like them very much.
Dream: To become a complete singer. And I also dream to act in a film.

Irina Lenevskaya
Photo of Vladislav Lebedinsky
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